BCADirecto Internet

BCADirecto allows access through any device (computer, tablet, mobile phone, etc.) with Internet connection.

Access Requirements

To access BCADirecto Internet it is necessary to join the BCADirecto Service and to have a device with Internet connection and to respect the following minimum requirements:

•               Internet access
•               HTML Browser
•               Browser that accepts cookies
•               Allow access to secure sites (SSL)

For a better use the operating system, browser and antivirus devices to use should be updated.

Form of Access

Access to BCADirecto internet is done through a device with Internet connection, using the address www.bca.cv.


24 hours a day7 days a week365 days a year;

However, between 21h and 23h, some features may not be available, and on the weekend, downtime can be higher.


Membership and use of BCADirecto is free.

Some transactions are associated, according to the current price list, available on the website and at the BCA branches.

Main operations in BCADirecto internet:

  • Mobile Phone Charging;
  • Payment of Services;
  • Transfer to other Banks, in the Country;
  • Transfer between accounts in the BCA;
  • Transfer from Cape Verde to abroad;
  • Accounts printing extracts;
  • Credit simulations and applications;
  • Updated information on exchange rates;
  • Foreign Currency Requisition (notes and currency);
  • Requesting checks;
  • Inquiries:
    • Account balances and movements;
    • Details and movements of the debit card (Vinti4 card);
    • NIB to be able to make transfers to your account in Cape Verde.
  • Charging of mobile phones in national operations;
  • Payment of  telephone , internet, electricity  and water bills;
  • Among others.
  • Card Management :
    • Loading the VISA Flex Card (Prepaid);
    • Request for transfer of the balance of the VISA Flex Card to the Account at the Order of the holder;
    • Payment of the provision of the Credit Card ( Classic , Gold or Corporate );
    • Request for alteration of plafond ;
    • Request to alter the mode of payment;
    • Extract Consultation and Card Movement.

Web Responsive

BCAdirecto   is a channel developed also to adapt to any mobile device (Mobile phone, PDA, Tablet, Smartphone, among others) that allows access to the service of BCADirecto, being necessary:
  • From an application with Android or iOS operating system and with internet access.
  • From any browser (Web Responsive )

To join BCADirecto

Joining the service BCADirecto can be done at any BCA Agency or you can fill out the Membership application form (BCADirecto’s Membership Form) available on the website www.bca.cv, sign and send to the e-mail: bca@bca.cv.

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