BCADirecto Mobile

It is a channel that allows access to the BCADirecto Service through mobile applications that allow access to BCADirecto through an APP application available in operating systems specific (ex. Android, iOS).

This service is another alternative means of interacting with BCA, at any time and ensuring the same reliability, security and usability requirements of the Service. BCADirect internet. In the same manner, it has some advantages in relation to:
  • PC: mobility, personal use equipment;
  • the telephone: ease of navigation between operations, interaction and visualization of the contents.

Access Requirements

You should already have a BCADirecto account.

It is necessary to have a smartphone with Android Operating System or IOS with Internet connection.

Before the first access, the client needs to download the App in the corresponding store ( eg : Play Store , in the case of the Android operating system or in the Apple store , in the case of the IOS operating system ).

In case of doubts related to the minimum requirements or difficulty in accessing the Internet, the phone's settings must be confirmed by the fixed number (+238) 2604660.

Form of Access

It is done by directly using the APP that was installed on the device. The APP may require its update before allowing access to the service.

How to join BCADirecto

Joining the service BCADirecto can be done at any BCA Agency or you can fill out the Membership application form (BCADirecto’s Membership Form) available on the website www.bca.cv, sign and send to the e-mail: bca@bca.cv.

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