BCA Leasing Auto Institutions

Financing method, which allows the customer to use a car (for personal or business use) for a period of time, and may choose to purchase it at the end of the contract. The use is provided by Promoleasingh (rental company), which buys the car on a proposal from the customer (renter).


Opportunity to acquire your car 0 km with a financing of up to 100%.

Amount: up to 100% of the purchase price of the vehicle.

Term: maximum 4 years.

Reimbursement: In monthly, anticipated and consecutive rents of interest capital.

Interest rate: Check the current price list of BCA.

Guarantee: Mortgage of the vehicle and insurance against all risks in favor of Promoleasing, with compulsory and optional coverage.

Opening and management fee: 1.5%

Necessary documents

• Formalize the request by letter (documents provided in the Branches to formalize the request);
• Pro forma invoice;
• Photocopy of identification document of the intervener (s);
• Income statements);
• Statement NIF;
• Leasing Agreement;
• Reports and accounts of the last 03 years (if new company: business plan);
• Updated balance sheets;


• Updated certificate of the vehicle in the registry office;
• Photocopy of the title of the vehicle;
• Photocopy of booklet;
• Photocopy of the BI of the intervener;

Access conditions:

• Have repayment capacity (effort rate);
• Prove income;
• Prior application of self-financing;

• Have an account open at BCA;

Other information

• Indicate Debt account of rents and other expenses in the BCA;
• Be available to pay opening expenses and 1st income, at the opening of the account;


• Speed of decision and formalization of the contract;
• Great flexibility of conditions, namely in terms of term, initial entry and residual value;
• Tax advantages (financing without VAT of transaction, exemption of IS);
• Flexible rent plans;
• Possibility of assignment of contractual position during the contract implies the payment of a commission commissioned in the price list (Commissions and expenses);
• Option to purchase the good at the end of the period.

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