"Fijus Di Emigranti" Demand Deposit Account

It is a national currency account with a term of one year, destined for young people (ages between 0 and 30 years);


Minimum Balance:

5,000 CVE.


365 days.

Necessary Documents:

• Account opening form (available at BCA branches, or through our website: www.bca.cv);
• National passport (Emigrant or equivalent);
• Foreign passport (Emigrant or equivalent);
• Passport or Personal Certificate or Foreign Birth Certificate for minors;
• Authorization of residence/ Residence permit;

Account Movement Restriction

• Lack of identification documents, or a part of the dossier (impossibility of moving the account);
• Until the required documentation is completed, which must be presented within a period not exceeding 30 days, the account will have any legal effects;
• The debit transaction is only allowed for the legal representatives of the minor that appears in the account opening form;

Other information:

• Minimum annual deposit (12,000 CVE) for account maintenance during the year.
• Interest / fees penalties in the early withdrawal of the amount (usually loss of part or all of the interest elapsed), even if it has met the annual deposit;
• The account T.D. only receives reinforcement of the respective national currency;
• Possibility of capitalization of interests and reinforcements;
• A remunerated account at a rate higher than the term deposit for residents;
• Offers a bonus of 0.15% per annum up to the 5th year provided that the annual savings plan is met and no early withdrawals are made;
• Benefit from discounts on training credit rates;
• Benefit from tax exemption on interest, as long as you present the Proof of Emigrant Quality;


• Order of Transfers;
• BCADirect and others that have been legally adopted by the Bank;

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