BCA presents another innovative product in the Cape Verdean market.

It is an invoice collection and management service (financing, invoice advance) and, consequently, facilitates the acquisition of short-term credit, making it possible for a cash option to be used in connection with collection management.

Amount: up to 80% of the value of the invoice (s) and in the limit of the half-yearly loan approved to the client Adherent

Term: 06 months renewable for equal and successive periods, unless notice is given at least one month before the end of the term that is in progress.

Reimbursement: In monthly, anticipated and consecutive rents of interest capital.

Interest rate: consult the price list in vigor by BCA


• Factoring agreement;
• Blank, underwritten by the company and guaranteed;
• Other guarantees accepted by BCA; 

Necessary Documents

• Proposal form;
• Adherent's reports and accounts (last 3 years);
• Adherent’s updated balance sheets;
• Adherent's financial responsibilities;
• List of Debtors whose credits the Adherent will give;
• Financial elements of Debtors.

Conditions of access:

Have proven repayment capacity (effort rate);
Adherent and Debtor with BCA account;
Formal confirmation of the debtor (s), with authorization to settle invoices by automatic debit of account;

Other information

• Expenses of collection (freight): exempt;
• Alteration expenses (consult current precariousness);
• Interest, counted from day to day, will be collected quarterly and in arrears on the last day of the month in which they are due;


• Provides immediate liquidity by financing the amount of sales;
• It allows a better planning of the treasury;



BCA FACTORING is a product of BCA which aims to finance companies' treasury, by anticipating the receipt of invoices given by these companies to THE BANK, which still provides them with an associated collection service.

How it works?

Based on invoices provided by the Company or equivalent (denominated in the relation by Adherent) and accepted by BCA (the Factor), the latter will proceed to the partial advance thereof, with the agreement of the Debtor.

The Debtor is the company or equivalent on whom the Member has issued the invoice, for the supply of goods and / or services, on credit.

The transaction is formalized by the signing of a factoring agreement between BCA and the Adhering Company.

The agreement is entered into at the approved yield limit, taking into account the estimate of charges for the period and the actual cash requirements of the Adherent.

The yield limit is negotiated for a maximum period of six months, during which period invoices issued on various Debtors, with different issuance dates and maturity dates, can be presented, as long as they are approved by BCA.

Limits may be renewed by negotiation and express agreement between the parties.

What is the maximum amount of the advances?

The amount of the advance may be up to a maximum of 80% of the amount of invoice (s) approved to the Member in accordance with the conditions negotiated for the approved ceding limit.

What are the costs associated with factoring?

Factoring operations have a more favorable price index than other operations of the same nature.

On the advances made, an advance and interest commission is paid at the contracted rate, counted on a daily basis and collected monthly, on the amounts owed.

There is also a factoring commission, according to the current price list.

How are the advances reimbursed?

The advances must be reimbursed in exchange for the receipt of the invoices that gave rise to it, usually by automatic debit from the Debtor's account, on the due dates.

What if an invoice does not have a good billing?

In this case, the refund is automatically assumed by the Member.

In case of delays in the settlement of invoices issued on the State, the Member may negotiate the extension of the invoices, for a maximum period of 6 months, upon payment of an extension fee.

What guarantees are required?

Blank debt signed by the company and endorsed by third parties, or other guarantees accepted by BCA

What conditions and documents are required?

• Adherent with proven repayment capacity;
• Adherent and Debtor with a BCA account;
• Formal confirmation of the debtor, with authorization to settle invoices by automatic debit of account;

Documents for analysis and decision:

• Completed proposal form;
• Updated Adherent Banking
• Report and Accounts of the Adherent (last 3 years);
• Adherent's financial responsibilities
• List of invoices (named Debtors, amounts and expiration dates)
• Debtors' updated reports and accounts (whenever possible, which may facilitate negotiation of conditions);

Documents for formalization

• Signed contract (with signatures duly recognized on behalf of the company with powers to act);
• Approved invoices, accompanied by a listing (preferably in a digital file);
• Blank, underwritten and guaranteed, with settlement agreement;
• Letter of notification confirmed by the Debtor (s)

What are the advantages of BCA FACTORING?

• Simpler access to credit for treasury support;
• More competitive pricing / interest rate;
• More adequate and balanced treasury management;
• BCA support in the management of collections;
Increased availability of Enterprise resources to engage in the development of your business

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