International Operations

To facilitate its international transactions, BCA offers a network of correspondent banks abroad and a wide range of products and services.


Receipts of funds in foreign currency from abroad. It is intended for individuals or companies with amounts receivable from abroad, related to pensions, rental, and provision of services among other situations.

Necessary Documents

• Payment instruction with the issuing bank abroad.

Other Information

• Full identification of the Beneficiary - name and address of the beneficiary;
• Bank name;
• Bank swift code;
• Transfer time is approximately 2 business days, provided you have entered the correct data;
• Preference to our correspondent (Corresponding Banks)


• Speed: the Beneficiary receives the credit of the funds in his account at the end of the 2nd business day after the Sender has delivered his request;
• Security: there is no risk of fraud, loss, theft or loss and BCA safeguards the interests of your Customer and it’s is the safest and fastest way to transfer funds from a Sender to a Beneficiary.


Take advantage of the network of correspondent banks abroad that BCA is at your disposal to transfer or receive your money directly, in less time, in total safety and yet at lower costs.

Necessary documents

• Payment instruction;
• Form provided at the counters;
• Transfer reasons

Other information

• Complete identification of the Authorizing Officer - name, address;
• Full identification of the Beneficiary - name, full address;
• Identification of the beneficiary's bank - name and BIC / Swift;
• Indication of the reason for the transfer;
• Specification of bank expenses;

BEN - At the expense of the Beneficiary:
All bank charges are borne by the Beneficiary of the funds, that is, the Beneficiary receives the amount sent less the expenses of the banks involved in the transfer;

SHA - Shared expenses:
The expenses of the Bank of the Authorizing Officer are paid by the Authorizing Officer and the expenses of the Bank of the Beneficiary are paid by the Beneficiary;

OUR - At the expense of the Authorizing Officer:
All bank charges are borne by the Authorizing Officer, i.e. the Beneficiary receives exactly the amount sent, without discounted expenses.


• Fast Response: the Beneficiary receives the credit of the funds in his account at the end of the 3rd business day after the Sender has delivered his request to his bank;
• Security: there is no risk of fraud, loss, theft or loss, BCA watches over your Client's interests.

Additional Information

• If you are a BCADirect customer, you can make transfers by selecting the "Transfers" item by choosing the "Payment Order Issue" option and filling in all the fields.
• The transfer time is approximately 2 working days and at a low cost.
• National bank transfers can be made via BCADirect.


Give credibility to your payments abroad using BCA's checks.

Checks issued on the bank itself in any foreign currency quoted and drawn by the corresponding Banks.

Types of checks:

• Bank Checks - checks where the payee is a bank;
• Private checks - checks in which the payee is a natural or legal person;
• Travelers' checks - checks expressed in certain amounts for personal and non-transferable use, which require two customer's signatures, the first one at the time of purchase and the second at the time of sale;

Necessary Documents

• Check forms printed abroad (available at BCA counters);
• Proof of payment of obligations abroad (ticket, invoices and declarations of imports, health expenses, among others.
• Other information:
• The term of validity of checks, whether bank or private, according to the Uniform Check Law is 6 (six) months from the date of issuance;
• Issuance of checks will always be made by account credit;
• The commission and the expenses of expedient, in the price list in vigor by BCA;


• It is a more economical alternative to payment through Transfer / Payment Order;
• Travelers Checks will generally be made by account credit;
• Travelers checks, when they are entered by series of sequential numbers, the commission is charged and a single expense of file;
• Travelers checks do not have an expiration date;
• Safety and convenience.


These are financial transactions consisting of the sale, exchange or purchase of securities in currencies (money) from other countries.

These transactions are always regulated by the Central Bank (BCV), which establishes the purchase and sale prices of foreign currencies.

Available Operations

• Buying and selling of current currencies.


• Service available at any BCA Agency;
• We support your business in all currencies.

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