Payment method, international in scope, which allows the user to purchase goods and services in any establishment that is a member of the Visa System, as well as the advanced money (advanced cash), both at bank counters and at ATMs adhering to that System, benefiting, in one case or another, the credit granted by BCA.


Necessary Documents:

• Form / Proposal of Adhesion to the service, which can be obtained at the branches, or through the site
• Hold an account in normal order and, cumulatively, meet the necessary conditions for the approval of said card, as access to credit.

Other Charges:

Expenditures with annuity / renewal / replacement / commissions / stamp taxes fixed in the Preliminary period in vigor by BCA, available at the branches and on the site

Other information

• Limit of use of the card: in the ATM, 20 thousand CVE per day or the counter value / equivalent and in the POS, credit limit;
• The use of the card can only be used 48 hours after its delivery;
• The card can only be delivered to the entity to which it belongs and provided that it is properly identified;
• The validity of the card is 2 years, with automatic renewal, as long as the card is in a regular situation
• Salary domiciled at BCA;
• Joint and Mixed accounts can not be associated with credit cards;
• Cards with a negative balance account can not be renewed;
• A document of identification of the entity holding the supplementary card must be delivered, when it is not a client of the bank;


• Provides safety and convenience by avoiding the need to carry cash;
• Always be able to make payments for products and services;
• Payments will always be made by debit to a Deposit Account indicated for this purpose, based on the agreed payment modalities 25,50,75,100%;
• Free access to an insurance package includes: Personal Accident Insurance Travel, and Travel Assistance, in the Insurance company Garantia, provided that the acquisition of the ticket (or part) in other words paid with the card;
• Easy access to other Bank products and services;

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