Special Salary Account

It is an automatic overdraft limit granted to private customers who receive their wages through BCA.

Maximum amount: can not exceed 75% of net salary;

Usage period:
maximum 30 days;

Interest rate:
overdraft fees;

monthly and automatic on the date of entry of the order;

Payment of interest:
interest is counted day by day on the amounts used and collected on the last day of the month;

can be used, in one or several operations, through means of payments made available by BCA;

Other charges:
administrative expenses;

Necessary documents

• Proposal for membership
• Photocopy of identification document
• Statement of NIF
• Declaration of the monthly net salary issued by the employer
• Form of domiciliation of salary to be signed by the company and by the tenderer

Conditions of access:

• Being an employee on behalf of others and having been in office for more than 6 months
• Have net salary of minimum monthly of $ 30,000.00
• Receive salary formally from BCA;

Other information

• Commitment to notify the Bank in the event of suspension of the receipt of salary and or as soon as the
professional situation changes.
• Failure to comply with the provisions set forth in the general conditions implies the immediate cessation of overdraft by passing the Special Salary Account (COE) to a normal Order Deposit account.
• Automatic anticipation of 75% of gross salary;
• Fast and automatic satisfaction of timely and unforeseen needs;
• Prompt answer

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