Frequently Asked Questions

Who can submit a Suggestion / Complaint?
A Suggestion / Complaint may be filed by any natural or legal person, who is a Client, and wishes to manifest dislike or make a suggestion about a Product / Service or any action of the Bank, which it deems inappropriate.

Is it possible to file a Complaint on behalf of, or on request, a third party?

It is possible to file a Complaint in the name and at the request of third parties, provided that the claimant is authorized to do so through a Power of Attorney, with unequivocal powers for the act.
In its absence, the response will always be sent to the Client in compliance with the legislation on banking secrecy.


How to submit a Suggestion / Complaint?

Suggestions / Complaints can be presented in the Complaints Book, available at all branches of the BCA, by letter, e-mail, Contact Center or also submit your complaint through the
website complaint form, filling out the form available for this purpose.

What care should be taken to formalize a Suggestion / Complaint?

In the formalization of a Suggestion / Complaint it is necessary to guarantee the clear and objective presentation of the facts that motivate it and, if the formalization is carried out through non-presence channels, it must present all the informative elements that ensure the identification of the Client involved in the exposed situation.

How long does it take to respond to Suggestions / Complaints?

According to BCV Notice no. 3/2014, the deadline for reply is 10 working days from its entry date.

Who answers the Complaints?

All Complaints / Suggestions, regardless of the submission channel, are answered by the Customer Service Provider.

What means is used to respond to Suggestions / Complaints?

The communications are made in writing and in Portuguese and respect the preferred means indicated by the Customers, and the Bank may, in case the client does not indicate the address in his / her exhibition, use the Customer's address in the BCA Database, or deliver them to the Client through the counter of the account / counter that received the Complaint / Suggestion. 

Will all Suggestions / Complaints be answered?

Yes. Only anonymous Suggestions / Complaints and / or users of inappropriate vocabulary may not be answered.

Are the Requests for Information and Clarifications to be considered in the handling of Complaints / Suggestions?

Requests for clarification or requests about the Bank's performance are not included in the concept of Complaint / Suggestion, in cases in which actions or omissions of its organs or employees are not involved.

Can I use other entities besides BCA to file a Complaint?

Yes. Customers can use other entities, such as the Banco de Cabo Verde (BCV), and others that may exist and are recognized by law, whenever they deem it relevant.

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