BCA Enterprises Offices

Differentiate and customize more and more relationships with entrepreneurs, are the principles that dictated the creation of space BCA Companies.

The services provided in BCA Companies offices are based on a highly personalized relationship with companies and entrepreneurs, guaranteed by professionals committed and prepared to respond quickly, with adequate financial solutions, to each situation and to the measure of each client.

South Enterprises Office 1:

Plateau (Headquarters) C.P. 474 City of Praia Santiago Island

Tel. 00 (238) 260 09 38;

South Enterprises Office 2:

Palmarejo Building Imperio City of Praia Santiago Island

Tel: 00 (238) 261 71 64/262 72 63/80; Fax: 00 (238) 262 72 84;

North São Vicente Enterprises Office:

Avenida Doctor Baltazar Lopes da Silva City of Mindelo Island of São Vicente

Tel. 00 (238) 230-3677; Fax 00 (238) 231-2203;

North Sal Enterprises Office

Rua dos Espargos C.P. 4 City of Espargos Island of Sal

Tel - 00 (238) 241 37 58/40 36/34 36 - Fax - 00 (238) 241 36 13;

E-mail: bca.empresas@bca.cv

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