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Intrabanking Transfers

Interbanking/Intrabanking Transfers

Today, bank transfers are tools used by various entities (individuals or companies) to make payments for goods and services. It allows transfers to be made between deposit accounts, to debit and credit accounts; it is easy, safe, convenient and quick.

Invoices: utilities/insurance/taxes

Intrabanking transfer - transfers made between two demand deposit accounts within the same banking institution. 

Interbanking transfer - transfers made between two demand deposit accounts at different banking institution. 

Required Documents
  • Completed application, available at any branch.
Additional Information
  • User(s) must adhere to the bank's terms and conditions;
  • Provide your name/company/ account number/banking identification number;
  • Be a BCA customer;
  • Requestor must provide transfer?s beginning and ending dates, which should always fall on business days;
  • Insurance policy and receipts will be issued by Garantia (insurance company).
  • Free of charges services;
  • Your account statement showing the transaction is your proof of payment;
  • Save time by using standing debit order services, available at BCA;
  • Avoid frustration and waiting in line.

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