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Transfering money to Cape Verde is a need for those who left family behind or want to invest in the country.

To facilitate your transfers BCA puts at your disposal a quality service, at lower cost, provided by a wide net of correspondent banks abroad, particularly in the countries where Capeverdean community has a greater expression.

Proceedings:Contact the counters of one of the Correspondent Banks in your country of residence and fill out the application, available at the counters, specifying:

• The beneficiary's name in Cape Verde and his/her account number in BCA (if the beneficiary does not have an account in BCA, you must indicate his/her full name, the number of his/her identification card, the address and, if possible, the telephone number);
• The amount to be transfered;
• In case it is requested, the BCA SWIFT code is: BCATCVCV

It is important to fill out the application completely and very carefully, in order to prevent possible delays and other problems.

• Direct transfer on the same day
• Lower costs
• Total security
• After two business days the money will be available at BCA.

Other advantages:
• The transfers will be even cheaper if they are done in one of BCA correspondent banks abroad which have special agreements with BCA.

More Informations:

• If you are a BCADirecto customer, you can consult your NIB, by clicking the item "checking account" (at the left column), choose the option "NIB" and press "Ok."
In case you are not a "BCADirecto", customer you can consult your NIB through ATM (Rede Vinti4) or ask for information at one of our agencies.

•The bank transfers, through "BCADirecto", will be available soon.

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